Eat, Sleep, Swim

As most of you know, all 3 girls were on a local swim team this summer and Joshua took 2 sessions of swimming lessons. Next year Josh will join his sisters on the team. He’s very excited!

Hannah with her favorite stroke.

Chloe, also doing breaststroke.

Olivia doing backstroke.

Joshua, during his last swimming lesson.

First team practice starts on the day after Memorial Day and the season lasted until the last day of July. It’s a full summer schedule, but wonderful exercise and a great stamina builder in the kids. It also gives them an individual goal to shoot for each week at the meets, as they attempt to beat their previous times and hope to place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and earn points for the team.

We had our first 3rd place this year, earning 1 point for our team with Hannah and her breast stroke. We had lots of other placings, as you can see from pictures of the accumulated ribbons below.

The season concludes with a potluck  banquet, open swim time and giving of a trophy (or more for some) to each swimmer.  Normally, when all the kids get a trophy for soccer, we feel like it’s a bit of an overkill and possibly only the winning team members of the season should get one. Our kids, of course disagree and treasure their trophies.

But, after watching them swim lap, after lap, after lap for 2 summers in a row, I think a swimming trophy is very deserved. I know that I couldn’t swim, on average, 60 laps per day, like Hannah is expected to do.

So congratulations to my girls for another awesome swim season. We are very proud of each of you!


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Happily married to my best friend. Graciously blessed with five children, who I am with God's grace, able to homeschool. Wanting to continue to grow in knowledge and love for my Lord Jesus.
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One Response to Eat, Sleep, Swim

  1. Jon says:

    Great job kiddos! Daddy is very proud of all your hard work!

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